Higuerón Residences

Your place in history
starts here.
The services and amenities of our luxury
Higuerón Hotel 5* at your fingertips. We
take care of everything you need, while
you have all the time in the world to rest,
reconnect, have fun, live and enjoy a
unique place.
Your home awaits you.Higuerón Residences is a different
way of living that begins with a
journey full of comforts. A private
driver waits at in Málaga airport to
transfer you to our Higuerón Hotel,
the entrance to your home.
First impressions count.


Palm 1 is born from avant-garde design, care
in quality and respect for the environment.
The visual strength of its organic forms and the
warm light that fills the villa ensure that both the
interior and exterior of the house are perfectly
connected. The large windows make the villa an
open space where in one jump, you go from the
living room to a modern garden that, together with
the infinity pool, will make you feel in an intimate
and exclusive environment.
Let yourself be carried away by the charm of this
magnificent villa!